SCB CYBL / Tournament Safety Guidelines

The Supreme Court Basketball will be hosting basketball tournaments/leagues starting on October 31 and running through the end of February.  The following safety guidelines are what we plan to use for our upcoming events.  Coaches, it is VITAL that you share these safety guidelines with your players and their parents. 

  1. All parents and coaches will need to pre-check themselves and their children or players temperatures before entering a facility.  Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 degrees needs to stay at home.  If you show symptoms of COVID-19 but do not have a temperature STAY AT HOME!  If you are part of the high risk population, we strongly encourage you to stay at home.  Please error on the side of caution. 
  2. Spectators will be allowed into the facility and will be required to wear masks at all times.  Coaches will be required to wear masks the entire time.  Players will be required to wear masks until they are allowed to step onto the court for game action.  We are asking that players wear masks while sitting on the bench during games.   
  3. As of this time, we are strongly recommending that only immediate family attend games. 
  4. We strongly recommend that you follow these guidelines throughout the weekend:
    • Use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the facility
    • Show up for your game no more than 15 minutes early
    • Do not show up early or stay late to watch other games
    • At the conclusion of your game, please exit the facility unless you have back to back games.  While scheduling is incredibly difficult, we have attempted to schedule back to back games this year.  If you need to have a team talk after games, please go to the mezzanine. 
    • Spectators will be asked to respect the 6’ social distancing requirements when entering and inside the building. Do not gather in groups to wait and do not congregate inside the facility.
  5. Kinetic Sports Complex Guidelines:
    • Enter through the west doors of the facility.  The middle door and the door on the far north side are to be used as an entrance. 
    • Exit through the west doors of the facility.  Please use the door on the far south side to exit the building. 
    • Games have been scheduled as follows to regulate the flow of traffic into and out of the facility:
      • Courts 1 & 2 = start on the hour
      • Courts 3 & 4 = start 15 minutes past the hour
      • Courts 5 & 6 = start 30 minutes past the hour
      • Courts 7 & 8 = start 45 minutes past the hour
  6. Speedway Village:
    • We have three entrances:  South Entrance, West Entrance, and North Entrance. 
    • Please use 6ft social distancing when you arrive.
    • After arrival, we ask that you immediately go up to the mezzanine areas while the game before you finishes up.  For Courts 1-2 please use the mezzanine on the north end of the building.  For Courts 3-4, you can use either the mezzanine on the north end or south end of the building.  For Courts 5-6, please use the mezzanine by the west doors.  For Courts 7-8, please use the mezzanine on the south end of the building. 
  7. Coaches:
    • Staging Area:  When teams enter the building they are to wait up on the mezzanine (parents will be asked to do so as well).  Please do not come down to the court you will play on until the players and coaches from the previous game have cleared and sanitized their benches. 
    • Coaches will be required to wear masks the entire game. 
    • Players will need to wear masks until they step on the court for their game.  They will need to wear masks while they are sitting on the bench during their game. 
    • No shooting on the courts at timeouts, stoppages in play, or between games until the teams from the previous game have left the court and bench areas. 
    • A game ball will be provided by one of the two teams on the court.  Before the game, the ball will be sanitized.  After the game, we recommend that the coach sanitize the ball as well.   
    • There will not be a postgame handshake line in order to speed up the process. 
    • Coaches, we ask that you clean your area of trash and sanitize your team bench after the game.  We will also be asking that you immediately move your team to the mezzanine or outside if you have to meet with them.  We will have disinfectant on each scorers table for you to assist with this process and ask that you do so in a timely manner.   
  8. Water fountains at both facilities will be turned off.  While no outside food or drink are allowed in either facility, water and other beverages will be available to purchase on site.  Restrooms will be available. 
  9. The middle of the bleachers will be marked off to ensure that social distancing takes place.  We strongly recommend taking advantage of the mezzanine to watch the games. 
  10. Please maintain 6ft social distancing when waiting in line to enter the facility, while waiting for concessions, and while using the restroom.  Floor markings will be placed in these areas. 


In addition to our Site Directors at each location, there will be people who will serve in a security role to assist us.  Their main tasks will be to ensure that spectators are wearing masks and to remind coaches of the policies we have in place for both them and the players of their team.  In the event that we do not get cooperation from spectators we will be asking coaches to help ensure that the parents of their team members are enforcing these policies.  Failure to do so, whether it be from a parent or coach, could result in forfeiting the games or expulsion from the league.  Please realize that our Site Directors and the people in security roles have thankless jobs and are simply doing all they can to ensure that your son/daughter and their friends are safe and can play the sport that they love.  I respectfully ask that you treat them with kindness and understanding as we all have the same goal of providing these young people with an opportunity to compete in a safe and healthy environment.